Producer - Remixer - DJ
    Dutch-based Producer and DJ Silvio Ecomo has a name that over the past 15 years has become synonymous with dirty beats.
    As a producer, his ability to fuse techno, tribal and club into a unique sound that is all his own has been supported by some of the
    best DJ's in the world from David Guetta to Axwell to DJ Chuckie.
    As a producer, the world is familiar with the signature Silvio Ecomo sound even if they're not familiar with the name Silvio Ecomo itself.
    One of the biggest worldwide cross-over hits for DJ Chuckie (Let the Bass Kick) was produced by Silvio Ecomo and has opened the
    doors for many collaborations; David Guetta, P Diddy, Lil Jon, Enrique Englesias, Tony Braxton, Will I Am and more artists. 
    As a DJ, Silvio Ecomo has managed to take his sound all over the world and has performed in some of the biggest clubs from Hong Kong
    to Las Vegas. His solo works have been released on some of the biggest dance labels in the world. With the combination of hard work
    in the studio and even more DJ performances around the globe, Silvio Ecomo is definitely a name to look out for in 2010 and 2011.
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